SOLAR IBIZA is a fully-integrated residential solar power service provider. We are a one-stop shop for everything you need to go solar easy and much more...

We provide more than solar energy together with our hand picked set of Home Technology Solutions...

SOLAR IBIZA counts with an unique array of Home solutions to make your life easier and more confortable. Solar power, Wind Generators, Electric Cars Charging Stations, Solar Parkings, Low voltage installations, Smart Home Automation, Telecomunications & Wifi, Home Cinema & Sound, FX Garden illumination and Pool Water Warming.

Product and Services

Engineering consulting, equipment and installation

We provide turn-key projects, means we check about your personal electricity needs, design, provide, install and run the equipment according to the specific site power requirements.

The easiest way to go Solar!    We take care of all the details so have your home running on clean green energy, thus saving in your electricity bills plus at the time you help the environment by reducing the CO2 emissions. 

You are on single contact away to free energy. Call us.

Key Count Factors

Small CO2 Footprint. Because our solar panels are the most powerfull in the market, they help to feed in a bigger part the consumptions needs of a house reducing their needs to use the regular electrical systems than is feed by fuel power plants. Anopther benefits is that you need less of them to power your home, which can have a tremendous impact on the overall aesthetic of your house.

Due to its resistance to ammonia and salt spray our solar panels are suitable for coastal and agricultural areas, it is also prepared to withstand adverse weather conditions like the ones in Ibiza.

Lihium batteries. Our new lithium batteries are small, designed to fix any room without disturbing the surrounding. We mount them in our speciall design ventilated cabinets for safety and to keep the equipment integrity.

Internet connect. So you can always keep an eye on your electricity consumption, energy flows, battery charge level and other key factors from your own energy system... All the information you need is available anytime, anywhere.

With the touch of a button, you can see how much power your solar panels are producing, how much grid power you’re utilizing...

Savings. Solar installation saves in your electricity bill and highly impact the ambient reducing the CO2.

Value. We are proud to offer the best quality equipment at the most competitive prices, try us. We use the best product brands from Germany, the US and developed China.



Wind Turbines. Electric Car Charging Stations. Solar Parkings. Electricity installations. Video & Audio. Smart Home Automation. Pool Warming/Cooling. FX Ligth Events.

Wind Turbines. Power Generators. 

Wind energy is currently becoming one of the most used componest in the renewable energy. The Bornay mini-wind power plant is made up for facilities, off grid and self-consumption systems, which have a small wind turbine connected to batteries, regulators and inverters that allow the storage of renewable energy to optimize the consumption of an electrical installation. Ask us for a free consultation to size your equipment.

Our partner Bornay is a manufacturer of a wide range of wind turbines and a distributor of all the elements necessary for electric self-consumption.

Electric Car Charging Stations and Photovoltaic Garages. 

We offer different external charging solutions for all types of vehicles. Our systems can be installed in private parking lots, public parking lots, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels, etc.

More and more individuals and businessmen are realizing that the installation of charging points for electric cars and motorcycles is essential to adapt to the unstoppable change in electric mobility. The chargers are easily combine with a photovoltaic garages...Yes to charging for free at home :)   Ask us to size yours...

Electrical installations. Telecomunications. Wifi. 

We take care of supplying and installing all the electrical equipment for your home or office. Including the standard electrical installation, telecomunications and wifi everywhere. 

We follow all the standars of the industry in terms of materials and execution at work. Our suppliers are signature of quality and standard.


Smart Home Automation.  

Your Smart Home with Loxone. Discover home automation that has evolved to another level!   The Loxone solution allows you to automate most tasks related to safety, energy efficiency and well-being in the home. Smart automation and intuitive control of lighting, multi-room audio, heating, security, shading, power management and more.


What's so special about the Loxone Smart Home System? It's easy to use, affordable, and universally applicable. All components work together perfectly and communicate with each other adapting to the needs of the day to day. The correct communication between the air conditioning systems, blinds, lights and audio, among others, guarantees an excellent experience for the user.

50,000 fewer movements, longer to live. Loxone Smart Home does most of the work.

 360 ° solution: we have the right solution for every application. Lights, curtians, climate, audio, security, access, pool & sauna, garden watering, and energy efficiency. More security in all aspects. From theft protection, more safety for children to the privacy of your data. Save up to 51% on heating and cooling costs.

Solutions against Lightning.

We are partner installer of Ingesco for integral solutions against lightning.  The product range goes from the consulting, research and development to the supply, installation and maintenance. Ask us for a complementary report of your location.

Winter Pool Water Warming & Summer Cooling.

Enjoying the pool out of season is possible in Ibiza due to its large number of warm and sunny days. You only need to warm the pool water... and that is our specialty....and in summer no more "Paellas hot water" just set your desire water temperature in the led display and enjoy...

Professional Audio. 

We count with Void acoustic as a partner to offer home and professional audio solutions. Void is well global renowned brand of professional audio for its unique quality of sound, design and team dedication.  We install as well Pioneer, Bose, Sonos and other major professional brands...

Home Cinema Theater

We provide best spoke solutions with an array of unique top brands to build the Cinema of your dreams as big as you want...from our standard kit to the big cinemas rooms...


Our systems include full HD and 4k video qualities , 3D with Audio/Video receivers capables of translate the  Atmos 7.2  sound vcode to the arrange of THX Lucas Film certified surround speakers!   The quallity of sound  is absolutely amazing... for an experience of video and sound like never felt before... some say that  " It sounds better than what you see"

Really!   your eyes won´t believe your ears....



We are proud to join forces with RB ConstructIon Ibiza, a construction company with more than 18 years of experience in the sector. Currently, based in Ibiza and delegation in Alicante. Specialists in new construction, single-family homes, villas, renovations and all kinds of reforms.

RB offer a personalized comprehensive service, depending on the project and the type of client, individuals, architects, private companies and public institutions. From the creation of the architecture project, licensing, management and execution of the work, to the landscaping and interior design project.

We make your project come true with total professionalism and quality assurance. New builded home in Ibiza...


FX Light Events Ibiza

FX Light Events Ibiza is your light magician. Our propietary disruptive technology together with our design production and expert technicians creates that fairy tale ambience at your event.  

We are proud to merge creativity and design with the best lighting products bringing life to your event at night.


Our assortment of innovative, versatile lighting concepts transforms the surrounding; inspiring Villa gardens, hotels, restaurants, shops and corporate buildings during events.

We work together to create a magical ambience, so your ideas with our experience and the right technology improve the spaces in a way never seen before.

You can be sure that socializing and relaxing alfresco can go on long after the sun sets.


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